It’s a no-brainer that African fashion has been taking over the entertainment world by its horns, from appearing on international covers and also in interviews, I, for one, can say that despite the unfortunate events that happened in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Africans still seem to take it up a notch when it comes to showcasing their fashion statement.

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Habari’s creative company was created from the root of being black and having a high taste for luxury while keeping pace with the contemporary styles we have in our fashion world today. The idea is to bridge luxury and high street through various innovative approaches to fashion. We aim to promote our culture while keeping our youthful vibes but still paving ways for all ages of the society to have a feel of this cultural luxury. We represent creativity and grandeur, gender fluidity, cultural ambience, contemporary fashion, and youth eccentricity.

Below is the latest for our editorial selection, NLH(Never Lose Hope) collection release;
The minimalist design and neutral hues is influenced by old Africanism yet with a contemporary design, Genderless, made with sustainable eco-friendly materials to improve your peaceful mindfulness. A single sung by Ouma Ibrahim was released dedicated to this collection, you can check it on our website and listen to it with any of your favorite streaming platforms.

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This collection has been worn by notable influencers such as Isabella Ayomobi, Obi Jacqueline, Julius Somuni, The Amaka, Ryan, Stephanie West, Nelson Nonso and many others. This collection is dedicated to HOPE, one of the leading forces of human existence. So go with us on this journey to create your own habari story with our collection.

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