Discover MyBoyfriend Assemblage (MBA)

Witness the evolution of urban street fashion

This collection is a journey to reinterpret the city and country of urban street fashion in an unexpected way by bringing a spiced up fun boost to all seasons. 

The Habari’s MBA collection is the answer to creating a more elegant contemporary street-themed approach to clothing.

Lightening Up

These exciting Urban pieces originally formulated from the rich and subtle idea of girls love for their boyfriend/men apparels while wanting to maintain their feminity; a known fact relatable worldwide, culminates into a high fashion collection tailored with street themed vibes by Habari; crafted in Lagos, West Africa.

The collection’s fabrics breathe African essence, global culture and dedication to the message of never losing hope.

Discover great vibes and insightful melody in tune with the exciting MBA collection in our smooth theme song Boyfriend.

Check out this awesome song via all streaming service platforms using the link below:

MyBoyfriend Assemblage Themesong


An artistic composition highly influenced by everything of late that had happened to one of the leading pioneers behind the brand  Harrison Rashad  each piece in the collection has an embedded poetic message; sadly with the loss of his mom, late November of 2020 an indelible background story was birthed and unapologetically, a touch of his ingenuity is brought to the fore.

 Intrinsically, torrents of inspirational hints are imbued into the costume making of all pieces of the collection.


Notably, one of many important pieces of the collection ” the 03 patched pant “, has the word ” Blessing ” synonymous with the name of our late mother and guardian inscribed in Arabic as a stand out feature; interpreting an undying promise of love between mother and son, as well as, every mothers goodwill prayer for their wards.


New Perspective

These array of exciting pieces are made from scratch with the fusion of old designs from previous versatile collections and the new; tasked with being the perfect snug fit for all gender.   Finding a new perspective to the term “fluidity in gender” , the collection is centred on the belief in the comfort of “one and all”, through expressive couture and street fashion sense subject to change over time or day to day. Thus, the creative styling of this collection is tasked with offering sophisticated couture that speaks urban street elegance and comfort no matter how you present yourself to the world.

Easy to wear

Not peculiar to any gender per se, it’s interesting to note that the fabrics of this collection although sourced locally and beyond, prides in comfort as top priority while flexing hints of casualness.  

Without ado, amidst the array of exciting pieces of the MBA collection, the elegant 03 patch pant is a celebrity favourite, as it resonates with superstar doings.

Casually rocked by various creatives in different climes and timezone showcased in screen and artistic visuals based on their genre/industry, the exotic 03 patch pant is undoubtedly the cynosure of all eyes.

Inevitably, this is a timeless collection of awesome statement styled pieces with solid luxury colours to match your wardrobe and fashion yearnings reminding you to always enjoy the world around. 

Apparel code

A watershed in the fashion world, this explorative collection takes center stage as the perfect expression of street urban couture , themed on fluidity of persona and beautiful ladies sweet love for gracing in fabulous male pieces. The MBA collection boast a composition of luxurious statement styled pieces ranging from the *God is gracious pants* , to the *Summer silver shirts* not forgetting the eccentric *sand suede jackets* amongst others all helping you seize your day wherever, whenever.

*This is not the End*

Took a while but it’s here now!

Good things take time like our MBA collection: Be inspired.

Come step out in any of these exciting pieces of the MBA collection; 

We are waiting!. 

– Avirose 

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